The Chocolate Savant Story

Inspired by The Joy of Taste Explosions

From early in his childhood, Chocolate Savant Founder Mark Svejda had a passion for everything chocolate. He grew up in a home where there was always something cooking, and took to baking from an early age. He narrowed in on chocolate as a special ingredient in any recipe, and started a quest to make the “ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe”. However, it didn’t stop there.

After he mastered chocolate chip cookies, he moved on to perfecting his ultimate brownie recipe. In his baking, Mark used his lawyer’s attention to detail in formulating the perfect recipe to give a “taste explosion” – the memorable bliss of perfectly blended flavor, texture, and joy that chocolate can provide.

From baking chocolate chip cookies to brownies, he knew there was something special in the way chocolate could be used to uplift people. But yet – he had a hunch that there was more to chocolate than just using it as a baking ingredient or tasty morsel… 

Traveling in the World of Chocolate

!As Mark traveled around the world, first to a chocolate experience in Seattle, then to Madrid where he dipped churros in liquid chocolate, he realized that it’s difficult to find the truly memorable chocolate experiences. They’re scattered around the world, and it takes many years to find the right ones. He started to think:

“What if there was one central place that people could go to find and share their chocolate experiences?”

This concept is what led him to starting Chocolate Savant – a place where chocolate enthusiasts can come to refine their taste, find amazing chocolate experiences around the world, and share their favorite chocolate delights with a community that will truly appreciate them.


Now go find some life changing chocolate experiences!