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Xocolatl De David

Posted By Mark
August 24, 2020

David Briggs, the owner and chocolatier of Xocolatl de David, followed an international path to become one of the most decorated chocolatiers in the Northwest. David graduated from the University of Oregon with a degree in Exercise and Movement Science. In Eugene, he got his first taste of professional cooking and enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America. David started Xocolatl de David unintentionally in 2005 while he was “just playing around with chocolate.” Over the next four years, he honed his skills, pairing savory and sweet elements with the varying flavor profiles he sources from South and Central America. David was one of the first chocolatiers to pair bacon with chocolate. Among his top sellers is the Raleigh Bar, his take on the classic candy bar, using nougat, caramel and nuts. David has won 12 International Chocolate Awards since 2015.