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Valerie Confections

Posted By Mark
September 21, 2020

3364 W. 1st St.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
(213) 739-8149

Valerie Gordon founded Valerie Confections in 2004 with her partner, Stan Weightman, Jr. Together they guided Valerie Confections to become one of the nation’s most highly acclaimed boutique chocolatiers. Entirely self-trained, Valerie started her namesake company with six flavors of chocolate-dipped toffee. She quickly gained an ardent fan base for her modern interpretation of classic chocolates and confections, elegant gift packaging and commitment to using the very best all-natural ingredients. Valerie chocolate bars include a rice and sesame bar, almond toffee bar, dark chocolate with rose petals and dark chocolate with bee pollen. Other unique offerings include the Durango Bar, dark milk chocolate topped with roasted almonds, cocoa nibs and hickory-smoked salt as well as almond toffee treats consisting of toffee hand dipped in bittersweet chocolate, then rolled in roasted almonds and dusted with fleur de sel.