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Ranger Chocolate

Posted By Mark
August 24, 2020

118 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 206-8924

Four friends, Rhonda, Patrick, George and David, set out in 2014 to embrace their love of food and find a craft they could share together. The result was Ranger Chocolate. During their trip to Peru, they traveled through the jungle to find beans to create their first chocolate bars. As foodies living in the foodie City of Portland, Oregon they were insistent on using organic beans. After trying hundreds of beans, they chose three beans from different regions of Peru, Tumbes, Chulucanas and San Martin. The key goal of Ranger is to produce a chocolate bar that has a creamy mouth feel with a minimal ingredient list, while capturing the unique flavor of each bean in the bar. Ranger offers traditional bars with cacao content ranging from 66% to 100% along with specialty bars like Japan Sea Salt, Oregon Sea Salt and Maple, made with 66% cacao and maple sugar. Ranger also offers other goodies like chocolate bark, candied nibs, chocolate caramel sauce and chocolate crunch granola.