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Lonohana Estate Chocolate

Posted By Mark
March 4, 2021

Lonohana Estate Chocolate, 324 Coral Street, Unit 104a, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96813.

I discovered the Koko-Colada, a memorable chocolate drink, on a recent visit to Hawaii – Honolulu, Hawaii to be exact. Lonohana Estate Chocolate, a cacao grower and bean to bar chocolatier based on Oahu, created several unique chocolate drinks that if offers to lucky patrons of its retail store and tasting bar in Honolulu.

Lonohana’s unique chocolate drinks include Deep Chocolate Chai, Chocolate Thai Iced Tea and the Koko-Colada. Of the three drinks, the Koko-Colada was, In my book, the clear winner. The drink, served icy cold, consists of coconut water, Lonohana’s Coconut Dark Milk Vegan Chocolate and Big Island Vanilla. Unlike the Deep Chocolate Chai, whose spices overpower the chocolate flavor, the chocolate – coconut flavor of the Koko-Colada is the star. The intense chocolate flavor explodes in your mouth as soon as the drink hits your tongue and the dreamy flavor continues to tickle your taste buds once consumed. The Koko-Colada will entice me to Lonohana’s tasting bar on future trips to Honolulu.

Unfortunately, the Koko-Colada is not available on store shelves. Perhaps it should be. But given the simplicity of the drink, you can always order some Coconut Dark Milk Vegan Chocolate at and make the drink yourself. Or visit Lonohana on your next trip to Honolulu and stop and try it yourself. Just tell them the Chocolate Savant sent you!

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