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Chocolate Haus

Posted By Mark
August 7, 2020

947 Turquoise St.
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 488-4857

Graphic designer Pete Close started making chocolates in the kitchen of his home back in 2002.  Two years later, based on the positive response to his creations, he opened his own shop, The Chocolate Haus.  Try Pete’s Buckeyes (peanut butter and chocolate), the Cinnamon Bun Truffle (brown sugar, cinnamon and white chocolate fudge) or the Grand Marnier (dark chocolate, orange zest and cognac) and the Caramel Bailey’s.  Chocolate Haus also sells nut brittle and classic Turtle Chocolates as well as a variety of ice cream.  They use only premium ingredients and make all their chocolates and confections in house.