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Cacao and Cardamom

Posted By Mark
August 10, 2020

5000 Westheimer Rd., #602
Houston, TX 77056

Annie Rupani traveled the world to bring unique and exotic chocolates to Houston.  Coming from a South-Asian background, the smells of cardamom, cumin, coriander and fennel were spices that flowed through her childhood home, but were rarely appreciated until Annie began top explore the intricacies of food in college.  During her time at Boston University, Annie traveled the world, where she gained an appreciation for food and the culinary arts.  Rather than attending law school, Annie focused on chocolate. What followed was an infusion of flavors like mango-caramel, cardamom rose and black sesame ginger as well as more traditional options like dulce de leche, hazelnut or s’mores.  Annie also offers 2 to 3 hour evening and weekend classes in Single Origin Chocolate Tastings, Chocolate and Wine Pairings or Chocolate Truffle-Making classes