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A Chocolate Waterfall: Candy Basket

Posted By Mark
August 24, 2020

1924 NE 181st Avenue
Portland, OR 97230
(503) 666-2000

Walk inside the front door of the Candy Basket shop in Portland and you will experience one of the largest chocolate waterfalls in the world. The twenty-one foot towering cascade is crafted from Italian marble and sculpted bronze and it spews an amazing 2700 pounds of chocolate from top to bottom. But do not even think about sneaking a taste. The chocolate in the waterfall has been recirculating for over four years and is open to the air to all who view it. A sign near the waterfall states, “Please do not eat our chocolate cascade. We have samples available.” The Chocofall is a great photo opportunity. While there, sample some of the great chocolate and other sweets for sale at the Candy Basket.